Audio, Lyrics, Venus and Pluto

Venus and Pluto

Venus and Pluto

You wouldn’t find me offended
If you ascended
If you became a being of Light
And I didn’t
But I hope you’d come down and slum it with me

If I reincarnated
As an angel
If I was Marx
And you were Engels
They still might have a holiday for you but not for me

But it still wouldn’t change what you mean to me

If you were a lowly pigeon
And I an eagle
I’d hope we’d find common ground
Coveting the seagull
And love the sky, the sea and the city streets

And it still wouldn’t change what you mean to me

I am the wasp, I am the wasp
That flies around your glass of pop
You are the storm whose deluge stops
I am the cast’way you cast out
To your sunny shores, to your sunny shores

If you were the Morning Star Venus
And I was Pluto
I hope you’d still love me
When I became a humble moon
You’d circle the sun and when no one was looking I’d circle you

But it still wouldn’t change my love for you

You are the lake, I am the loon
You are the deep, I am the blue
I am the word, you are the song
You are Fay Wray and I am King Kong
The planes will fly but you’ll be mine

Words and Music by Chad Gendron 2011

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