Audio, Lyrics, Things Fell Out of My Pockets

Things Fell Out of My Pockets

Things Fell Out of My Pockets

I’m on the top floor
Looking down
I wonder if I’ll see you
Walking through the crowd
From here in the clouds

The sun shines too bright
To see the sky
If I concentrate
I wonder if I could fly
If gravity’s a lie

I tripped and stumbled
Spun out of control
Things fell out of my pockets
I’ve got to let it go
I couldn’t let it go

The scurry like static down there
Across a TV screen
If I change the channel
Can I change who I’ll be
It’s hard to wait and see

Some hear voices
Some hear the bombs
I hear noises
Like a car alarms
And Kim Carnes


If you could see me here
Would you change your mind?
If I acted reckless
Would you plead and lie?
And give an admirable try?

As the sun sets
And the moon shines bright
One small step for mankind
Is mine tonight
And not some staged lie


Words and Music by Chad Gendron 2003

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