Audio, Lemon Tree, Lyrics

Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree performed by Kate Gendron

Lemon Tree performed by Chad Gendron

Would you be my lemon tree?
Would you be my honey bee?
We could hyphenate our names
Have a ball without the chains
Oh, would you love me?

I’m so tired of being alone
Of spending my free time at home
Watching show after show
I know how all the stories go
Oh, would you love me?


I’d climb mountains and swim seas
If you’d only be with me
Learn to cook and clean and sew
Teach you the little that I know
If you would love me


I have nothing much to give
But as surely as I live
I’d give all my love to you
Split my possessions all in two
If you would love me


Words and Music by Chad Gendron 2012

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