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Cool Congress “Trashtown” Live at Lee’s Palace, Toronto 1991



As the lights fade out

We all ran to find a brighter place

Somewhere that the lipstick shone

And we all could fall from grace

I smiled sadly for I knew of no such place

So we exchanged glances and chose romances

And just did it in the street



So we rocked and shocked in Trashtown

We paved the streets in leather and lace

We rocked and shocked in Trashtown

There was no loss but the touch of her face

And though at times it may bring you down

There are times to keep in mind from time to time

In Trashtown – In Trashtown


The stars flashed great

Right there on Sad First Avenue

The locusts shrieked through the air

And the ghosts knew what to do

I smiled bravely for I hadn’t thought of the regret

So as Mr. Moon smiled we all got wild

For a night not to forget





It seemed so safe in the city

But it was so dangerous in her eyes

The time played tricks, my eyesight grew blurry

Tormented by that deceptive lie

I was put in a trance by one vicious glance

I tried to hide from those danger eyes but the sun came creeping in





Words and Music by Chad Gendron March 16, 1992

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