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Cool Congress “The Rain Storm” Live at Lee’s Palace, Toronto 1991

The Rain Storm


And I  the beginning

A                              B

It always seemed heaven sent


Before I knew the truth

A                                          B

It seemed my time was lost and spent

G                                                A

So I learned to do it better and better

G                                    A

No, I learned to do it best

G                                    B

And the little pieces that weren’t worth the bother

G                               A

I just left for the rest



B   A

And I eased back on the reins

B            A

When the rains came down

B                            A

The storm blew colder than before

B                                                A

I felt the rain on my face



And the little girls played the big game

Sometimes I’d let them win

I pass their faces in the street

Hey Girl, how’ve you been?

And the ones who stayed had faith

They’d felt the hunger burn

They’d try to call the shots – hit and miss

Some never learn




And the clouds held the sky in it’s grasp

And I felt the wrath of so many gods

They asked for truth – some never truly believe

But I would do what I could

I felt the waves crash upon the rocks

The water-falling fountain of youth

I’ve played the good guy/bad guy game many times

But the storm took away my society mind






And the rain storm called me to the edge

A                                                B

And offered me eternity for nothing in return

B                                                A

I whispered my secret – my darkest endeavor

G                        A                                    B

I said stay with me now and you’ll stay forever



Repeat and fade


Words and Music by Chad Gendron

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