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Cool Congress “The Miracle Cure (Pt. 2)” Live at Lee’s Palace, Toronto 1991

The Miracle Cure


I see her – just sitting there


And I’m caught by the passion of the afternoon


It was so- exciting there


When we were both torn and too far in to get out



Cadd5                                                Am

And she may be looking for answers

Cadd5                                                Am

She may be looking for a shoulder to cry on

Cadd5                                    Am

I’m not looking for either

Cadd5                Am                        G    F            Am            G  F  Am

I’m just looking for a miracle cure


My hands may wander – when he’s out of the room

I can’t help I have to touch her – touch

And when her eyes turn in a certain way

It brings me back to our afternoons




He doesn’t know – and who am I to say?

She’s been distant and I’ve been me

I found her lost – and so uncertain

I opened her doors and she locked them behind her




There we all were – so soon after

And I made a joke about stealing her away

I still had her on my skin – I still had her on my room

She was covered in fingerprints from our last afternoon


I needed something and there it was all the time

With arms open, eyes wide and prepared to lie

Then he tells me – he suspects her

And so I smile and say that it’s all in his mind


The sweat from our bodies – the fire from our lust

We’ve made promises we shouldn’t go through with

A touch – a slap (tacet) – she swings me round onto my back

And all I can do is try not to love her





Words and Music by C.J. Gendron March 23, 1992

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