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Here’s the Sizzle for B.Smart

This sizzle showcases the upcoming B.Smart TV Show that I’m writing. This is the future of children’s programming people! There, I’ve said it. It has been a really great experience so far, what an awesome team. Produced by B.SIDE Productions, the B.SMART Team is: Director: Boyan Stergulc Writers: Chad Gendron & Abigail Pinto Correia Cinematography: …

Big Hurt, Cool Congress, Lyrics, Video

Cool Congress “The Big Hurt” Live at Lee’s Palace, Toronto 1991

The Big Hurt E                                                B I know I’m just a cheap suit for your love E                                                B And I know that I’ve wasted all of my wishes D                                                A People tell me of all the fish in the sea E                                                B I say, …

Cool Congress, Lyrics, Rain Storm, Video

Cool Congress “The Rain Storm” Live at Lee’s Palace, Toronto 1991

The Rain Storm B And I  the beginning A                              B It always seemed heaven sent B Before I knew the truth A                                          B It seemed my time was lost and spent G                                                A So I learned to do it better and better G                                    A No, …