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Audio, In the Sky Above Your House, Lyrics, Song List

In the Sky Above Your House

In the sky above your house The sky was blue, the blue of love The sun it shone in the air above I kissed you there without a second thought In the sky above your house As darkness fell, stars appeared above Like a fire’s spark, across the sky The darkness lit with a blinding …

Audio, Lyrics, That's How the Story Goes

That’s How the Story Goes

I’m lying in my bed Just living in my head Like Camera Obscura A crow flies across my floor Oh That’s how the story goes Oh Oh That’s how the story goes When I think back on my life The events that shape my mind It’s like counting up the thorns Along the stem of …

Audio, Let's Be Naughty Tonight, Lyrics

Let’s Be Naughty Tonight

Let’s Be Naughty Tonight Snow is falling And you’re here with me The presents are wrapped and They’re under the Christmas Tree You look so beautiful In the glow of the Christmas lights So come closer – Let’s be naughty tonight Some creatures may be sleeping Some might be dreaming But I’ve got another notion …