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Bad Dreams

Bad Dreams

It was a night much like this one
The moon was full – she listened
It became a whispering silence
Then she heard laughter in the distance
She was swept away
His eyes changed from blue to grey

He laughs himself out of self-pity
Says you’ll see nothing better than the city
He lives just for the nightlife
So you had better lock your doors tonight
Because garlic’s only good for cooking
And onions just make you cry

And they tell you it’s all lies
Talk you out of your bad dreams – they sympathize
But they created your terror – Reflections in a mirror
They laugh as you die

He says, Do you fear me?
When you look at me, do you feel pity?
She said of course not, what do you mean?
You’re a little pale, but you’re OK
He loved her humanity
She lived to see another day


And when the world is sleeping, they’re out there howling at the moon
And though they might be reaping, giggling while you’re screaming but soon
They’re be back in their boxes like chicken-fed foxes
but can’t help being jealous of the way we enjoy our fun in the sun

He said you’re so sunny
Your hair smells like flowers and your neck of honey
She said you say the sweetest things
He said that’s the romance the moonlight brings
He lost his restraint
She lost her sunny days


Words and Music by Chad Gendron 1989/2010

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